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Most middle aged men have heard stories about the young beautiful girls of Costa Rica. Everything you have heard about this sensual and exotic place is absolutely true. If you’ve ever wanted the vacation of a lifetime, The Girls of Costa Rica Tour Guide Services is company for you. Take my advice, I have spent several years researching this amazing country. I’ve created what has now become one of the most sought after new tour guide services to Costa Rica. I am currently working on my new book, The Girls of Costa Rica, and I have also taken numerous trips to this beautiful country. I’ve had all the hands on experience to become known as one of the experts on the beautiful girls of Costa Rica. I have made every mistake that a man can make so you don’t have to. On our adventure, I will share with you all of the knowledge that I’ve collected over the years. If you are seeking the companionship of the young, willing women of Costa Rica, and have always wanted to go but didn’t know where to start, my tour guide company will show you the way. I want to make this very clear, although prostitution is currently very legal in Costa Rica, I am not a a "pimp" or an escort service soliciting prostitution and sex. Nor am I a travel agency. Click here for more information about my tour guide services, and follow me to paradise.

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  • Greg, your company delivered what you promised and more. Thanks for the best time of my life. Expect my deposit for your next trip in August. See you soon buddy!  
    Thomas, Cosmetic Surgeon
  • I'm so glad I booked your services. There's not a day that passes that I don't think about all of the girls I met in all of the bars, the amazing time I had, and company I had. All I think about is going back. I recommended your company to all of my friends. Expect to hear from them, and myself soon!
    Jerry, Salesman
  • We would like to thank you again for the best time our group has ever had in the 15 years of vacationing together. We all felt like Hugh Hefner for two weeks. Thank you Greg.
    Bartenders Association, Restaurant Industry
  • I loved every minute of my trip. I wish I were flying back to San Jose tomorrow morning. Your services are worth double what you charge.  
    George , The Tire King
  • I can't stop thinking about the great time I had on my excursion. I dream about going back often. You've spoiled any chance of Paul Geovani from ever settling down with one girl. You're the best at what you do...
    Paul Geovani,
  • I've tried every dating service on the internet, and was tired of meeting losers. I searched online for 'exotic women in Costa Rica,' and was lucky to find this company online. You were so right about how appreciative and thankful all the girls in Costa Rica are. WOW is all I can say. I personally and publicly applaud your company, The Girls of Costa Rica, for an outstanding job well done.
    Michael from Brooklyn , Hair Salon Proprietor
  • I'm a married man.... I'm not using my real name, but my wife thought I was going on a fishing trip to Costa Rica. When I came back a very happy man, she said I should go fishing in Costa Rica annually. Why? Because I've made love to her more in the week I've been back than I have in the last couple of years. The Girls Of Costa Rica saved my marriage. I'm smiling now with a hall pass, and living the best of both worlds!
    Thomas from somewhere , Lawyer
  • I heard about this company from friends who went on the Girls of Costa Rica tour. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw photos from their trip. I'm 72 years young, and have always wanted to go to Costa Rica. I figured what the hell, I'm going. Let me tell you, from the bottom of my heart, the truth....It was the best damn vacation I've ever taken. My friends Mike, Jimmy, and Clay are going on the next trip with me! I miss all the young company I had while in Costa Rica. I felt like I was 20 years old again! Thank You for an experience that I didn't think possible for my age!!!!!!!!!
    Richard from Nashville, Dentist