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My excursions have become so popular from referrals and repeat business, that Costa Rica has practically become my home. I’m Call ‘Costa Rica Greg’!  My tour guide business has tripled over the last couple of years because men have quickly found that I know where to meet the hottest girls in the safest most Americanized areas. After you book my services, I will share with you how to pack for your adventure, advise you towards the best flights, the best time of year to travel, help you avoid common mistakes, save you money and direct you to the local hotels that allow female visitors. Booking the wrong accommodations is the most common disastrous mistake men make. Using my experience, I’ll also show you how to negotiate with the locals for all of their services.

Not only will you be able to relax on the beach and refuel between women, I’ll also point you towards all the local restaurants with the tastiest food, and recommend the most famous bars and night clubs. You can visit the hottest casinos, enjoy the greatest sports fishing the world has to offer, golf on the most magnificent courses, surf, and zip line if you’d like. The activities that you can choose from are endless. With my guidance, you’ll see nothing but the best of what this beautiful country has to offer.

Men that are tired of being shot down are welcomed by the younger women of Costa Rica.These girls are different from any women I have ever met. Their fun loving attitude, and unselfish demeanor, puts them in a category all of their own. These women live to pamper mature American men, and take care of their every need. The girls are so appreciative for so little it astonishes all who have traveled under my advice. The big house that you live in, the exotic car that you drive, and how much money you make are of no interest to the beautiful girls you will meet. It’s actually a turn off to them. This is the most beautiful country, and the most wonderful people I have ever come across in all my travels.

With the Girls of Costa Rica, you will experience the life of a Roman Emperor.  And at the bars I recommend, you will be swarmed by a harem of the hottest girls that you’ve ever seen. You will have ladies hitting on you like you’re a rock star. Once I’ve shown you everything you need to know, you can rest assured that this will be a trip of a lifetime. Buddy, you’ll have a blast. Once again, I’d like to stress even though prostitution is currently legal in Costa Rica, I’m not a travel agency, a “pimp” soliciting sex or prostitution, or an escort service. On that note also, beware, an escort service will stick you with one average girl for a whole week. Whether or not you use my services, PLEASE DO NOT GET CAUGHT IN THAT TRAP. WHY DATE ONE WHEN YOU CAN HAVE THEM ALL?!

Bottom line, what happens in Costa Rica, stays in Costa Rica. I will save you thousands of dollars on the common mistakes that men make while visiting this amazing country, and simply by reserving my concierge services, you’ll have the vacation of a lifetime. With my expert advice available to you during your stay, there is nothing you will miss out on. Call ‘Costa Rica Greg’
424-781-7076 TODAY, and experience this beautiful country and its sexy women.  We no longer take tours but you can Purchase!!!! Brochure and phone consultation!

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